Improving Process Quality and Reducing Downtime with SSi Gas Analysers

As an industry, heat treatment is probably fairly conservative when it comes to technological progress, but I'm pleased to work for a manufacturer that is constantly expanding, innovating, and developing its product range. In 2001, SSi produced the first PGA3000 to verify and troubleshoot the a gas carburising furnace's carbon potential. Today, SSi produces (what I think is) the heat treatment industry's most comprehensive range of gas analysers, comprising

Preventive and Predictive Oxygen Probe Maintenance

Since starting SSi Europe in 2003, I have always tried to help our customers extend the lifetime of their furnace’s oxygen probes. The most important factor, in my experience, is staff training. This morning, we (myself and Karina Frampton, Project Administrator) visited a commercial heat treatment supplier to follow up on a staff training session we performed around 1 year ago. The Maintenance Manager asked us if we had noticed that their probe consumption had dropped since the training. He is responsible for 6 Ipsen sealed quench furnaces with SSi Redundant Probe Systems fitted, i.e. 12 oxygen probes in total on site.