Carburising Simulation Software

Heat Treatment Simulation Software


CarbCALC II is a proven software package designed to optimize heat treat cycles using input parameters of the type of steel, temperature, atmosphere and the specifications for case depth and carbon at case depth.

Carburising Simulation Software



  • Optimize carburizing process
  • Predict precise case depth
  • Computer-aided design of heat treatment processes
  • User-entered parameters [Temperature, Atmosphere; Case carbon; Alloy number (steel composition); Time; Circulation]
  • Quickly perform process experiments
  • Accurately predict the carbon content below the surface of the part, input process variables for simulation
  • Automatic segment calculation for Boost and Diffuse carburizing cycles based on case depth requirements


Processes and Applications:  Carburising, Hardening


  • Ability to develop recipes for re-working
  • Realtime monitoring
  • Realtime control and process replay
  • "What if" analysis change to gauge impact of an existing process or material
  • Recipe development
  • Higher quality and shorter process times via process optimization
  • Tools needed to empower your employees when working in heat treating


  • User-Defined Furnaces (Ability to simulate loads in multiple furnaces; Configured communications and channel selection)
  • Alloy Database (Most common materials used in metal treating; Create new material; Custom profile)
  • User-Configured Parts
  • Realtime / Replay Mode