CO2 Carbon Dioxide Sensor

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SSi SGA OEM CO2 Sensor

CO2 Carbon Dioxide Sensor



  • Easy to install OEM friendly design.
  • Din rail mounted.
  • MODBUS register list published in manual for easy integration with external PLC, SCADA, or control
  • Webpage for remote display, configration, calibration, backup/restore.
  • Ammonia compatible design.
  • Ethernet and USB ports for connection to PC.


Processes and Applications:  Carburising, Endothermic Gas Generators, Hardening


Response Time: 0 – 6 seconds
Power Supply Input Voltage:  110VAC or 230VAC
Max. Operating Temperature:  122°F (50°C)
Analog Inputs:  2 (4-20mA or 0-5 V)
Serial Communications:  2 RS485 ports using Modbus RTU, configurable baud rate
Ethernet:  2 ports
USB: 1 Type A port, 1 Type B port


CO2 Sensor


Part No.:  A20831-CO2
Range (standard):  0 – 2.0%
Optional Range (high range):  0 – 20.0%
Accuracy (standard):  +/- 0.006%
Accuracy (high range):  +/- 0.2%
Resolution (standard): +/- 0.001%
Resolution (high range):  +/- 0.01%