Coil Method Carbon Potential Analyser

Portable Gas Analysers

SSi CAT100

The CAT100 instantly calculates the Carbon Potential (CP%) by measuring the electrical resistance of a steel coil after it has been soaked in the furnace atmosphere for 30-40 minutes.

A simple routine is followed for easy compliance to CQI-9 daily check requirement: Insert the coil into the furnace, allow for adequate soaking and install on the CAT100. After 30 seconds the CP% is displayed.

A robust sample rod, a portable carry-case, and 100 coils are included with the unit.

Coil Method Carbon Potential Analyser



  • Measure CP% in situ, near to product.
  • Meets CQI-9 daily check requirement.
  • Ethernet, USB ports for connection to SSi CATView software for remote management.
  • Longlife battery.
  • Downloadable data for load traceability.


Processes and Applications:   Carburising, Hardening


Input Power Range: Universal, 85 – 264VAC
Accuracy: ± .03% Carbon
Read Time: 30 seconds per coil
Measurement Range: .1 to 1.3% Carbon
Operating Temperature:  50 to 110 °F (10 to 43 °C)