Improving Process Quality and Reducing Downtime with SSi Gas Analysers


As an industry, heat treatment is probably fairly conservative when it comes to technological progress, but I'm pleased to work for a manufacturer that is constantly expanding, innovating, and developing its product range. In 2001, SSi produced the first PGA3000 to verify and troubleshoot the a gas carburising furnace's carbon potential. Today, SSi produces (what I think is) the heat treatment industry's most comprehensive range of gas analysers, comprising:

  • SGA (new) single gas analysers available in OEM or wall mounted versions.
  • PGA portable multi gas analysers.
  • MGA multi gas analysers available in OEM, wall mounted, or rack mounted (new) versions.
  • MZA multi gas, multi zone gas analysers available in wall mounted or Rittal cabinet versions.

The MZA has proven to be an incredibly successful system because it cost-effectively provides valuable process and troubleshooting data for up to 8 zones from a single sensor. Installation and commissioning of a 4-zone system is typically completed in 2-3 days.

Pictured is a recently completed MGA and MZA installation at a UK aerospace manufacturer. The system measures and automatically corrects the Carbon Potential on three pit furnaces and three endothermic gas generators.