Oxygen Probe Services


Our oxygen probe laboratory and workshop provides very quick and technically detailed services for SSi Gold Probes and all types and brands of zirconia oxygen probe.

Our automated test furnace (using the SSi 9205) is used to produce probe reports that gives every customer detailed information about their probe's performance.

This capability means we can detail mV performance versus a reference sensor, impedance in kOhms, TC accuracy versus a reference TC, and leak integrity. All information is presented in a comprehensive standard Probe Report document that includes feedback and a recommended action (see an example below).

Once a probe passes our tests, whether we've cleaned it or repaired it, we provide certification to meet industry standards or to a customer's specification (for example, we can match, as closely as possible, the operating conditions of the furnace the senor will be installed in).

Please let us know before returning any product so that you can be given a RMA number.