Annual Maintenance

The purpose of the periodic maintenance is to prepare the spare materials that may be required by preventing the maintenance of the furnace in question before the crisis occurs, preventing unscheduled stops, reducing the operating costs and increasing the production quality by making the necessary settings and tests.

The scope of preventive maintenance varies according to the type of furnace and your needs.

Periodic annual maintenance basically includes the following elements;

– General control
 – Mechanical pump maintenance
 – Roots pump maintenance
 – Diffusion pump maintenance
 – Heating cabinet control and maintenance
 – Pneumatic system maintenance
 – Hydraulic system maintenance
 – Gas system maintenance (natural gas, argon, nitrogen, hydrogen,…)
 – Resistance control
 – Water cooling system maintenance

 – Burner setting and maintenance
 – Air fan maintenance
 – Inspection and maintenance of bearings
 – Inspection and maintenance of gears and gear chains
 – Bolts of vibrating mechanical parts and check nut connections
 – Wire tape and tension adjustment maintenance
 – Control system maintenance
 – Dashboard operation control
 – Sensor and switch controls

And for more please contact us for detailed information about our periodic annual maintenance suitable for your furnace type.