Combustion System Revisions

The existing burners you use in your furnaces may be insufficient to answer you in today’s needs or may be inefficient in energy efficiency. Although the application of the Air / Gas ratio to your burners provides some improvement in energy efficiency, it does not fully meet the desired demands on energy efficiency.

The need to replace existing burners basically occurs for two main reasons;

The Need to Increase the Power of Existing Burners

Your existing burners may no longer meet your needs, either because of improving your current process time or due to process changes. In addition, spare parts in your old burners can be difficult to find over time and increased maintenance needs can affect the sustainable operation of your furnaces.

Energy Efficiency

Up to 50% energy savings can be achieved with our recuperative and regenerative burner options in accordance with your needs and operating temperatures. We are happy to support you in meeting your current process needs and reducing your energy costs.