Vacuum Leakage Test

In heat treatments carried out in a vacuum environment, it is necessary to reach the desired vacuum levels in order to avoid scale, carburization or decarburization on the surface. In case of any leakage in the furnace, vacuum level cannot be provided.

In this case; With our vacuum leak device, we check your furnace, identify the leak point (s) and present it to you in a report and provide repair according to your request.


Vacuum furnaces are of great importance, especially in the manufacture of tool steels. While the furnace homogeneity values can reach a certain level in standard heat treatment furnaces, we can talk about a homogeneity up to the material core in vacuum furnaces.

The main reason for this is the absence of air that would impair homogeneity, and the lack of scale, carburization and decarburization on the surface thanks to the oxygen removed from the inside by vacuum. In order to complete the heat treatment carried out in the vacuum environment, the vacuum values ​​should decrease to the desired levels. If it does not go down, it will not be completed as desired due to leaks in the process. For this reason, as Sarvion, we check your furnaces with our vacuum leak device and report the necessary operations to you.