Who Are We?

Sarvion was established in 2010 in Kocaeli, Turkey. Our company plays a pioneering and complementary role in the maintenance and upgrading of Industrial Furnaces as well as Heat Treatment Processes.


Sarvion works as your solution partner for your needs for all types of Industrial Furnaces.


– Commercial Heat Treaters

– Inhouse Heat Treaters

– Iron – Steel

– Automative

– Aviation

– Aluminum

– Glass

– Ceramics

– Composites


Noxmat manufactures industrial burners, radiant tubes and customized control cabinets, as well as heating technology related accessories for industrial heat treatment equipment. Noxmat’s products are sold in more than 35 countries around the world. Noxmat products are also used in plants for the heat treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


Kerfa® manufactures efficient and long-lasting environmentally friendly, resistance groups,
isolation systems made of ceramic fiber or biological fiber for gas and electric furnaces. 





Thermo-Control, founded in Germany in 1982, stands out with its thermocouples.

The company’s product line consists of inert gas thermocouples, controlling thermocouples, mineral-insulated thermocouples and vacuum thermocouples.





Sistem Teknik Industrial Furnaces A.S. provides solutions for Automative, Defence Industry, Iron-Steel Sectors, Casting, Test Laboratories and Heat Treatment Sectors.



3E Industrial Engineering was established in 2005 to provide quality service in the industrial automation and software sector, has successfully completed many projects as a solution partner in nearly 30 countries and continues to work on new projects.