Insulation System for Gas and Electric Oven

For gas and electric ovens, we have efficient and long-lasting, environmentally friendly, ceramic fiber or biological fiber Isolation Systems. Our Insulation Systems consist of a mixture of ceramic fibers formed under vacuum. Ceramic fiber mixture is produced with our special formulas. These are produced according to the special demands of the customer and are more efficient than conventional insulation products.

The outer surface of our Insulation Systems is hardened as standard. It is not possible for ceramic fibers and adhesives to break and disperse due to the air flow in the furnace atmosphere.

Usage areas of Isolation Systems:

  • Industrial furnaces
  • Laboratory furnaces
  • Melting and keeping warm furnaces
  • Heat treatment facilities
  • Shielding gas plant
  • Heating appliances and machines


  • Minimal shrinkage and resistance to thermal shock
  • Thermal pretreatment to prevent shrinkage and deformation at high temperatures
  • Heat loss prevented by the optimal arrangement in the design
  • Very high insulation values of our Isolation Systems
  • Special mounting system
  • Easy replacement of Kerfa® SAVAC® System
  • Heat compatibility


Maximum Temperature: 1600°C