SHS Special Heating System

Efficient heating system with efficient and long-lasting resistance wire heaters

produces insulation systems made of ceramic fiber or biological fiber compatible with the environment.

With our special heating systems, we offer our customers a new branch of production. Compared to mass production, this production method offers the opportunity for a large number of processes and special applications.

The high quality of the electric resistance heaters used in production brings heat efficiency and longevity. Accessories such as heater hangers, carrier ceramic pipes and heat conductive pipes complete the product range.

Usage areas

  • Industrial furnaces
  • Laboratory furnaces
  • Melting and keeping warm furnaces
  • Heat treatment plants
  • Shielding gas plant
  • Heating appliances and machinery

Customer benefits:

Additional time due to short warm-up period:
Low operating expenses

High performance:
Low operating expenses

Longevity :
Low investment costs

Low maintenance and repair:
Low operating expenses

No need for storage due to the short production process:
Low operating expenses

  • Installation of the Heating System in a safe position at a certain distance from the oven wall
  • Optional resistor backup
  • Heating system with bed and open front
  • High performance of Resistance Heaters
  • Precision in temperature adjustment

Maximum temperature values

Insulation System: 1.600°C

Heating System: 1.400°