When is the revision a must in Industrial Furnaces?

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You can increase the efficiency and stability of the furnaces with mechanical revision and control system revision. The revisions,which the furnaces may need, can be classified with following headings as below;

• Isolation Revision

The refractories, which are an important part of the furnaces and have a critical task in terms of energy efficiency, cause heat losses in the furnaces by losing  their chemical properties depending on the conditions of use and time. These losses can damage the outer surface and equipment of the furnace, and also  affect the temperature homogeneity  and cause changes in product quality. As Sarvion, we can carry out investigation and revision works for your needs with our professional team and equipment in such situations about isolation.

.• Combustion System Revision

The current burners you are using in your furnaces may be insufficient to meet today’s needs or may be inefficient in terms of energy efficiency. Although applying the correct Air/Gas ratio to your burners provides some improvement in energy efficiency, it does not fully meet the desired demands on energy efficiency. Because  today’s burner designs are modern and efficient, burner revisions are carried out with  necessary calculations and with equipment that can fully meet your needs. 

• Control System Revision

The control system is very important to  complete  the processes of the furnaces fully and smoothly. The part that manages the process of the furnace according to the signals coming from the field is the control system.The fact that the control system is old may mean that it cannot fulfill the recording and reporting functions that are today’s needs. This will mean that oven manufacturers who have to produce according  to CQI-9 and AMS 2750 standards cannot produce  with these  standards.For this reason, it is necessary to make control system revisions in furnaces. Thanks to the revision to be made, the following are provided;

— The process becomes fully automatic by communication with sensors instead of the operator’s initiative.

— Recording and reporting becomes continuous.

– It provides an easy-to-use interface.

– Product quality is be standardized.

Like the solutions above, according to customer demand, these conveniences can be increased with options.

When Should Technical Service Be Preferred?

Technical service requirement in industrial furnaces occurs  in cases such as burner controls, gas leaks, mechanical problems, routine control, periodic maintenance etc. By testing all these equipment, the necessary safety setting is provided in this area. Controls should be made a few  times a year even if no problems are observed.

An inefficient furnace may cause frequent complaints. Moreover, these complaints also cause problems related to the process. In such cases, system control and periodic maintenance should be carried out.

Signs that the furnace needs technical service;

• Reduced efficiency and overconsumption of fuel/energy

• Decreased production capacity

• Taking longer than normal for the furnace to reach the desired temperature.

• Leakage in the furnace

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